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          熱門搜索詞:  Connectors  8910DPA43V02  Amphenol  UVZSeries 160VDC  70084122  IM21-14-CDTRI

          NB141207-1HF - 

          Enclosure, Weatherproof, 14"x12"x7", 110 VAC Mount. Plate, Fan, Heater, NEMA 3

          L-com Connectivity NB141207-1HF
          View NB141207-1HF Datasheet Datasheet
          訂購熱線: 400-900-3095  0755-21000796, QQ:800152669, Email:sales@szcwdz.com


          Start with the Box...

          The box is a rugged weatherproof enclosure that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. The mounting flange allows it to be wall mounted as well as on a flat surface. The raised lid features a stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release Latch with padlock hasps. The raised lid is fully gasketed. The enclosure material is UV stabilized and comes in machine tool gray.

          Mounting Plate

          The aluminum mounting plate has provisions to mount WLAN equipment from Cisco®, Symbol®, D-Link®, HyperLink and more (see mounting plate drawing). With the optional HGX-AMOUNT02 bracket a wide array of HyperLink Amplifiers, Power-Over-Ethernet products and Power Supplies can be mounted as well. Two of these brackets can be mounted side by side. Also available is the HGX-NMOUNT03 Universal Mounting Shelf that can be attached to the mounting plate and can accommodate additional equipment to be placed in the enclosure. The plate features four standard surge protected 110 VAC outlets and a terminal strip to supply power to internal equipment.

          Hot and Cold Environments

          The NB141207-1HF includes a thermostat-controlled 30 W (Max) fan. The high airflow, low noise fan used allows air to be pushed or pulled through the enclosure. Filters for both ports are easily removable for cleaning and replacement. The fan turns on when the internal temperature rises to 120° F (49° C) and turn off at 90° F (32° C). Like the heater, the cooling fan does not require the use of any of the AC outlets, leaving them all available for your equipment.

          The NB141207-1HF also includes a thermostat-controlled 200W heater. The heater turns on when the internal temperature drops to 40° F (4° C) and turn off at 60° F (15° C). The heater does not require the use of any of the AC outlets, leaving them all available for your equipment. No extra room for the heater is required since it is mount underneath the plate.

          Lightning Protection

          Surge protection is provided as a standard feature on the internal AC outlets. In addition, the unit can accept up to two optional bulkhead-mount N-Type lightning protectors to protect the coaxial cable runs. Mounted to the optional HGX-AMOUNT02 bracket, the HGLN-CAT5 lightning protector can be used with Power-over-Ethernet applications.

        3. Used for securing Wi-Fi equipment from Cisco®, Symbol®, D-Link®, HyperLink® and more

        4. Fully gasketed raised lid provides protection from the elements

        5. Molded Fiberglass reinforced Polyester construction provides durability

        6. Fully customized configurations are available to meet your specific application requirements

        7. Applications: WLAN, Test equipment, remote controls, medical devices, scientific instruments, alarm and security systems, SCADA systems, telemetry systems and more

        8. NB141207-1HF產品信息

            Brand/Series  NB Series  
            Color  Gray  
            Cover Locking  Latch  
            Cover Mounting  Hinged  
            Dimensions  14 x 12 x 7 In. (356 x 305 x 178 mm)  
            IP Rating  IP65  
            Material  Polyester  
            Mounting Type  Wall Mount  
            NEMA Rating  4X  
            Size  Medium  
            Size, Approximate Depth  7" (178mm)  
            Size, Approximate Height  14" (356mm)  
            Size, Approximate Width  12" (305mm)  
            Special Features  Continuous hinge | Built in heater or fan  
            Type  Junction Box  


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          Brand/Series NB Series  L-com Connectivity Brand/Series NB Series  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Brand/Series NB Series  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Brand/Series NB Series   Color Gray  L-com Connectivity Color Gray  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Color Gray  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Color Gray   Cover Locking Latch  L-com Connectivity Cover Locking Latch  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Cover Locking Latch  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Cover Locking Latch   Cover Mounting Hinged  L-com Connectivity Cover Mounting Hinged  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Cover Mounting Hinged  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Cover Mounting Hinged   Dimensions 14 x 12 x 7 In. (356 x 305 x 178 mm)  L-com Connectivity Dimensions 14 x 12 x 7 In. (356 x 305 x 178 mm)  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Dimensions 14 x 12 x 7 In. (356 x 305 x 178 mm)  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Dimensions 14 x 12 x 7 In. (356 x 305 x 178 mm)   IP Rating IP65  L-com Connectivity IP Rating IP65  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure IP Rating IP65  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure IP Rating IP65   Material Polyester  L-com Connectivity Material Polyester  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Material Polyester  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Material Polyester   Mounting Type Wall Mount  L-com Connectivity Mounting Type Wall Mount  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Mounting Type Wall Mount  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Mounting Type Wall Mount   NEMA Rating 4X  L-com Connectivity NEMA Rating 4X  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure NEMA Rating 4X  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure NEMA Rating 4X   Size Medium  L-com Connectivity Size Medium  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size Medium  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size Medium   Size, Approximate Depth 7" (178mm)  L-com Connectivity Size, Approximate Depth 7" (178mm)  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Depth 7" (178mm)  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Depth 7" (178mm)   Size, Approximate Height 14" (356mm)  L-com Connectivity Size, Approximate Height 14" (356mm)  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Height 14" (356mm)  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Height 14" (356mm)   Size, Approximate Width 12" (305mm)  L-com Connectivity Size, Approximate Width 12" (305mm)  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Width 12" (305mm)  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Size, Approximate Width 12" (305mm)   Special Features Continuous hinge | Built in heater or fan  L-com Connectivity Special Features Continuous hinge | Built in heater or fan  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Special Features Continuous hinge | Built in heater or fan  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Special Features Continuous hinge | Built in heater or fan   Type Junction Box  L-com Connectivity Type Junction Box  Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Type Junction Box  L-com Connectivity Electrical (NEMA) Enclosure Type Junction Box  


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