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          熱門搜索詞:  Connectors  8910DPA43V02  Amphenol  UVZSeries 160VDC  70084122  IM21-14-CDTRI

          97-20-29P - 

          connector comp, insert only, size 20, blueinsul, 17 #16 solder cup pin contact

          Amphenol Industrial 97-20-29P
          View 97-20-29P Datasheet Datasheet
          訂購熱線: 400-900-3095  0755-21000796, QQ:800152669, Email:sales@szcwdz.com


          Amphenol offers the 97 Series Connector Family - A general duty standard cylindrical connector, MIL-5015 style.
          The 97 Series is a widely used connector series for the automotive, robotics, machine tool and welding industries, as well as numerous other commercial applications from heavy equipment to ECG monitoring cables. Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminum alloy to provide strength and environmental protection. This family of connectors offers a wide variety of shell styles, contact
          patterns and accessory options.

        3. Low cost, general duty non-environmental, Splash proof with the 417 suffix plus 97-67 cable clamp, Solder or crimp termination
        4. Wide selection of shell styles and insert patterns
        5. Wide selection of connector finishes - cadmium or non-cadmium (environmentally friendly zinc alloy)
        6. Threaded coupling, hard dielectric inserts, Solid or split shell construction
        7. Environmental capability with the 417 suffix plus 9767 cable clamp (see page 34)
        8. Solder or crimp termination
        9. UL Recognized, CSA Recognized
        10. Solid or split shell construction
        11. Accessories for both individual wire seal and jacketed cable
        12. 97-20-29P產品信息

            Agency Approvals  CSA, UL  
            Brand/Series  97 Series MIL-5015  
            Contact Mating Area Plating  Silver  
            Contact Plating  Silver  
            Contact Type  Pin  
            Current Rating  13 A  
            Finish, Housing  Olive Drab Cadmium  
            Gender  Male  
            Insert Style  Machine Contact  
            IP Rating  IP67  
            Material, Dielectric  Diallyl-Phthalate  
            Material, Housing  Aluminum Alloy  
            Mating Type  Male  
            Number of Contacts  17  
            Number of Poles  17 Pole  
            Pin Spacing  1/16 "  
            Primary Type  Commercial 5015  
            Shell Size  20  
            Standards  UL Recognized, CSA Recognized  
            Temperature, Operating  -55 to +125 °C  
            Termination  Solder  
            Type  Insert  
            Voltage Rating  500/700 VAC/VDC  
            Wire Size  #16  


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          Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Amphenol Industrial Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Connectors Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Agency Approvals CSA, UL   Brand/Series 97 Series MIL-5015  Amphenol Industrial Brand/Series 97 Series MIL-5015  Connectors Brand/Series 97 Series MIL-5015  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Brand/Series 97 Series MIL-5015   Contact Mating Area Plating Silver  Amphenol Industrial Contact Mating Area Plating Silver  Connectors Contact Mating Area Plating Silver  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Contact Mating Area Plating Silver   Contact Plating Silver  Amphenol Industrial Contact Plating Silver  Connectors Contact Plating Silver  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Contact Plating Silver   Contact Type Pin  Amphenol Industrial Contact Type Pin  Connectors Contact Type Pin  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Contact Type Pin   Current Rating 13 A  Amphenol Industrial Current Rating 13 A  Connectors Current Rating 13 A  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Current Rating 13 A   Finish, Housing Olive Drab Cadmium  Amphenol Industrial Finish, Housing Olive Drab Cadmium  Connectors Finish, Housing Olive Drab Cadmium  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Finish, Housing Olive Drab Cadmium   Gender Male  Amphenol Industrial Gender Male  Connectors Gender Male  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Gender Male   Insert Style Machine Contact  Amphenol Industrial Insert Style Machine Contact  Connectors Insert Style Machine Contact  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Insert Style Machine Contact   IP Rating IP67  Amphenol Industrial IP Rating IP67  Connectors IP Rating IP67  Amphenol Industrial Connectors IP Rating IP67   Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Amphenol Industrial Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Connectors Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate   Material, Housing Aluminum Alloy  Amphenol Industrial Material, Housing Aluminum Alloy  Connectors Material, Housing Aluminum Alloy  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Material, Housing Aluminum Alloy   Mating Type Male  Amphenol Industrial Mating Type Male  Connectors Mating Type Male  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Mating Type Male   Number of Contacts 17  Amphenol Industrial Number of Contacts 17  Connectors Number of Contacts 17  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Number of Contacts 17   Number of Poles 17 Pole  Amphenol Industrial Number of Poles 17 Pole  Connectors Number of Poles 17 Pole  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Number of Poles 17 Pole   Pin Spacing 1/16 "  Amphenol Industrial Pin Spacing 1/16 "  Connectors Pin Spacing 1/16 "  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Pin Spacing 1/16 "   Primary Type Commercial 5015  Amphenol Industrial Primary Type Commercial 5015  Connectors Primary Type Commercial 5015  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Primary Type Commercial 5015   Shell Size 20  Amphenol Industrial Shell Size 20  Connectors Shell Size 20  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Shell Size 20   Standards UL Recognized, CSA Recognized  Amphenol Industrial Standards UL Recognized, CSA Recognized  Connectors Standards UL Recognized, CSA Recognized  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Standards UL Recognized, CSA Recognized   Temperature, Operating -55 to +125 °C  Amphenol Industrial Temperature, Operating -55 to +125 °C  Connectors Temperature, Operating -55 to +125 °C  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Temperature, Operating -55 to +125 °C   Termination Solder  Amphenol Industrial Termination Solder  Connectors Termination Solder  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Termination Solder   Type Insert  Amphenol Industrial Type Insert  Connectors Type Insert  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Type Insert   Voltage Rating 500/700 VAC/VDC  Amphenol Industrial Voltage Rating 500/700 VAC/VDC  Connectors Voltage Rating 500/700 VAC/VDC  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Voltage Rating 500/700 VAC/VDC   Wire Size #16  Amphenol Industrial Wire Size #16  Connectors Wire Size #16  Amphenol Industrial Connectors Wire Size #16  


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